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Effectiveness of liposuction

Liposuction or lipoclastic is a surgical procedure where a surgeon inserts an instrument known as a cannula to remove excess fat deposits in the body. This stainless steel tube has a suction pump at the other end for sucking the fat when it melts. It is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to improve the body contours for those who have gained too much weight and have been unable to lose it through conventional ways like dieting or exercise. The question then is: is this cosmetic procedure effective?

Liposuction may be successful or be successful depending on a number of factors. Let us look at the factors that will make it successful.

Healthy body

You must be physically healthy in order to have an effective liposuction. Individuals who are frail may therefore not look any better even after liposuction. In such a case, older people have reduced chances of successful liposuction.


The skin should be elastic. It should also be firm so that it does not sag after the surgical procedure.

Psychological wellbeing

In order to see the positive effects of the cosmetic procedure, you must be psychologically prepared for the outcome. People with unrealistic expectations will be disappointed with the outcome. The motive of the liposuction may also need to be evaluated so that it goes hand in hand with the goals

Surgeon’s experience

It really matters on who is going to carry out the liposuction procedure. The more qualified and experienced the surgeon is, the higher the chances of success in the procedure. It is therefore important to consult widely in order to find a suitable surgeon. If you are looking for a top liposuction surgeon visit this website and make a call to book an appointment.

Liposuction is not effective to the following class of people:

The aged

Old people, as noted above, have reduced chances of success in the procedure because the skin collagen has reduced, so the skin sags due to inelasticity. Elastic skin is a prerequisite to a successful operation.

Obese persons

Obese persons are those individuals who have 130% of the acceptable weight, over and above what is recommended in body mass index or BMI. This is  compounds the whole problem because liposuction works on some selected spots on the body like the belly,hips,waist,upper arms, flanks and buttocks, to name but a few. If fat deposits are all over, it becomes totally ineffective.

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 High Blood pressure

Liposuction is not recommended to individuals with high blood pressure as this could compromise their health. If you have this condition, the surgeon will recommend other alternative measures like exercise and diet.


The same case as HBP applies here. If you suffer from diabetes, this cosmetic procedure is not advisable due to possible health complications. This explains why a good surgeon will evaluate your medical history to determine your state of health.

Cardiovascular diseases

People with heart conditions like possible heart attack, stroke or any other condition relating to the blood vessels will not qualify to undergo this procedure due to health concerns.

Lung diseases

Lung diseases could also compromise your health if liposuction is performed on you.

Another important point to note is that liposuction does not get rid of cellulite.